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A health and wellness professional, educator, instructor/trainer and nationally source after speaker. Nathaniel specializes in helps real people achieve real results. He teaches and trains at 5Star condos and hotels in greater Miami-Dade.

He in on a mission to help active adults live a better a quality of life, through health and wellness. He believes in walking the talk, and actively works out an hour per day, 5-6 times per week. He understands age appropriate fitness and exercise, sports and exercise nutrition, stretching and functional training He knows the importance of combining exercises and nutrition to create a better quality of life especially as we age. His programs are challenging, fun and designed for all skill levels. Nathaniel structures his work around three guiding principles, performance, and health and body composition, with the goals of helping his clients’ look and feel better. He is an expert coach who gives support and feedback.

He understands there are comfort levels for each person, his motto is safety first. He specializes in stretching; he is well versed in injury/ pain management and functional training. In a word, Nathaniel helps his clients move better so they can enjoy & celebrate life. This educator/entertainer is well received because of his high energy, and entertaining style. He is an expert in motivating and training the young at heart. Nathaniel’s proven methods are extremely effective because he knows and understands how to reach his people at the core level. Nathaniel draws from his broad spectrum of leadership experiences; his works is well respected throughout the country. After meeting Nathaniel you will agree that he is a man on and with a mission who wants to help you make it happen.

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